Message from David Kiley

CyclingForGood began in 2009 to raise funds for my friend Neal Acito, who battles Parkinson's Disease. Along the way, the site also helped the widow of one of our classmates with donations that came in specifically for the Detlef family. Five years later, as Neal continues to battle, and is facing greater bills, tests and therapies to help him beat this insidious disease, we are taking to the roads and trails again. I, and hopefully a couple of my high-school classmates, will ride a century--100 kilometers in one day--to raise some new funds for Neal. We are targeting early June for the ride. Any of you that would like to join me for the ride, to be done in NJ, are welcome. If you would like to do your own century on the same day, and raise money through your network, we will tie into you virtually with Facebook and Skype.

All donations are welcome.

We have been given donations of $5 to $250, and all are welcome and much appreciated.

Cycling For Good is a non-profit. One-hundred-percent of the funds raised go to,
in this case, supporting Neal's battle.
We have also made a few donations to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease Research,
and will do so again. All administrative costs, postage, etc. are born by me.